(ISC)2 Twin Cities July Meeting – Open Forum on Security and Privacy with CryptoPartyMN.

The July meeting ot the Twin Cities chapter of (ISC)2 will feature an open forum on privacy and security on the Internet. The panel will include three members of CryptoPartyMN, and a moderator from (ISC)2. These sessions are usually unstructured (no slides), so bring your questions and issues and let’s get the ball rolling.

In an Internet with censorship, thieves, governments spying on their citizens, and prying eyes with black hats comes a group of security and privacy advocates. These few emerged attempting to help people protect themselves from the dark alleyways of the Internet. Joining forces they came together to clear a path to an Internet of freedom. They are CryptoPartyMN.

Cassie Tron – @myriadmystic
Cassie Traun is currently working in technical support at an unnamed corporation and also does web development during her free time. She has been working in the tech industry in some capacity for nearly a decade. She is also a privacy advocate and co-founded CryptopartyMN, which is dedicated to teaching people of all skill levels how to encrypt their personal communications in a fun, accessible workshop format. CryptopartyMN hosts events in the Twin Cities. In the rest of her free time, Cassie enjoys biking, hoarding governmental data obtained via data practices requests, sometimes pretending she knows how to admin Linux servers by maintaining several web servers for personal and non-profit use, and upsetting unknown state-sponsored actors enough to try hacking her Twitter account.

ChristopherBurg – @ChristopherBurg
Described as “an edgy 12 y/o, propably [sic] trying to troll.” by an edgy 12 year-old trying to troll. Christopher Burg developed an interest in computer security as he pursued a degree in computer science. Dubbing himself the Discount Security Advisor to the Proles, he now works to spread what he has learned to anybody willing to listen (and sometimes to people who don’t want to listen but are too polite to rebuff him). After moving to the Twin Cities he got together with other computer security enthusiast and together they founded CryptoPartyMN. Proving the old proverb those who can do; those who can’t teach, he now abuses his status as a founding member of CryptoPartyMN to use it as a platform for teaching computer security. In his spare time he enjoys long walks on the beach, iaido, studying Latin and Esperanto, and scoffing at people when they send him an unencrypted electronic communication.

Cobra –
Currently A Tech Support Analyst in Mpls. As a privacy and security advocate decided on joining forces with folks forming CryptoPartyMN to teach personal crypto techniques to the people for the people. In his free time he enjoys wrenching on bikes, playing music, and being a Tesla fan boy.

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