May/June 2024 Meeting Announcement – The Current State of AI

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Location – Metropolitan State University Library (also online)
Room: Library Room 302 (EcoLab)
Address: 645 E 7th St, St Paul, MN 55106

Note: 2-hour parking next to the library; space is limited. Free street parking around the area. Paid ramp parking on the Metro State campus, about half a block away from the library.

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Topic:  The Current State of AI

Artificial Intelligence is hard to avoid in the news nowadays.  The pace at which it’s changing can be daunting for someone wanting to get their hands around its implications.  Is AI coming for all of our jobs?  What are the security and privacy consequences of this new technology?  Is it really useful or just more media hype?  In this discussion we’ll get everyone aligned on what AI is and isn’t and focus on practical tools for understanding and using AI while avoiding pitfalls.

Speaker Bio: Tim Crothers

Tim is fortunate to be a Director in the Office of the CISO for Google Cloud with a focus on the retail sector.  Previously Tim was CISO for Mandiant where he and his team got to defend Mandiant and Google Cloud from some of the most sophisticated adversaries in the world.  Tim has 40 years in the technology space, starting his professional career in 1984, and has been privileged to work in security since 1994.  Over the course of these years he’s had the opportunity to work in all aspects of cyber security and has a particular passion for cyber threat intelligence, reverse engineering, and incident response and breach investigation.  He’s also authored or co-authored 17 books to date as well as spoken frequently internationally at some of the largest cyber security conferences in the world.  Ultimately, Tim has a passion for finding and developing talent as he believes that leaving the world a little better than we found it is everyone’s responsibility.

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