Data Derby 2024

The ISC2 Twin Cities Chapter provided financial support to this year’s Data Derby Event.  Here is a summary of the results.

Thank you, students, judges, and volunteers, for making Data Derby 2024 a success—especially a big thank you to our sponsors. The event was only possible with everyone.

Sponsors support:

  • IEEE Computer Society Twin Cities Chapter—They provided the cash prizes for this year’s event. Without their generous sponsors and support, offering students this type of monetary support would not have been possible. Also, thank you for sponsoring breakfast for Data Derby.
  • ISC2 Twin Cities Chapter – Thank you for sponsoring lunch.
  • MTN – Thank you for sponsoring lunch.

Here are a few items that would be coming your way.

  • Badges – everyone will get a badge from Credly for each category: Participants, winners, judges, and volunteers. By next week, you should get an email to claim your badge. The sender is Credly.
  • Information about how to claim your cash prize for the winning team. The 1099-misc document in the packet is for your information. The winners will be informed what to do with it.
  • Additional helpful documents from IEEE Computer Society.

Here is the list of winners from the event. The website will be updated to reflect the event.

Datathon Advanced

1st – Data Stompers ($500 for team)

2nd – Analytics Alchemists ($250 for team)

3rd – Michael and James ($125 for team)

Datathon Novice

1st – Bam Clubs ($500 for team)

2nd – Fantastic 4 ($250 for team)

3rd – Byte Busters ($125 for team)

Datagon – Debate

1st – Team 5 Moosely ($600 for team)

2nd –  Team 3 Dazed ($400 for team)

3rd – Team 6 N team 2 ($250 for team)

Seeking testimonials for the event –  I will be putting a newsletter together, and if you would like to say anything about the event, please email me your thoughts at [email protected].

If there is any feedback you want me to know or anything you would like to see at future events, please email me at [email protected].

Boern Vang (He/Him)
Director of Career Pathways – Community Faculty
MN IT Center of Excellence – Metropolitan State University

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