November Joint Chapter Meeting – A Zero-Trust Perspective on the Identity Marketspace

Our November webinar will be this week on Wednesday at 12-1pm ET (qualifies for 1 CPE)I will be the presenter.  The subject is “A Zero-Trust Perspective on the Identity Marketspace”.  It’s actually an introduction to a two-part series.  The second part builds on the first installment with a look at advanced authorization (from RBAC to ABAC & PBAC).  If you can’t make it or if you run into a snag in the next couple of months and need a presenter for your chapter, I would be happy to do a repeat.  The synopsis is ” Security leaders have adopted the mantra “Identity is the new perimeter”, and vendors are integrating Zero Trust principles into identity-defined network perimeter platforms. Join your peers as we take a vendor-neutral look at the effect Zero Trust is having on the identity marketspace.”.

Where: Teams Meeting

Meeting ID: 219 428 135 035

Passcode: YKyM8x


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