Letter from the President concerning the Pandemic

To All Members of the ISC2 Twin Cities Chapter:

Obviously, this year’s COVID pandemic has made it extremely challenging for us to continue our very popular large multi-vendor format meetings. I still Remember “Battle of the Anti-Viruses” and our series on “Log Management and SIEM tools.” Member driven popular topics like these helped grow our chapter enormously so that large number of security professionals could see benefit to their daily jobs and ongoing professional development.

However, because of the pandemic, several challenges have impacted our new meeting format. We have not been able to host the large in person crowds at our new meeting space, for obvious social distancing reasons. It has been difficult to get security vendors to participate in good hot new topics because they are seem only focused on immediate direct sales (and we understand that). Finally, many of our members have had major changes to their own work schedules and priorities, making the monthly meeting more difficult to attend. However, we did have a few great virtual meetings in the spring/summer that were very relevant to the “new normal.” Thank you everyone for your participation.

One day soon, these “Hot Topics in Security” will return, and we will be able to gather in person (and virtually) in our new meeting space in ST. Louis Park.

In the meantime, as we discussed at our last Board of Directors meeting, “We Shall Adapt!”

Thanks for your patience and please join us when things return to normal.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the ISC2 Twin Cities Chapter, I wish you the best of health and success in navigating through these difficult times.

We welcome your feedback and communication, so please do not hesitate to communicate your wishes to the entire board at: [email protected]


Dimitrios Hilton

Chapter President

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