February 2024 Meeting Announcement

Tales from the Time of COVID

Thursday February February 15 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. The room will be available starting at 2:00 pm

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Metro State University
St John’s Hall Room 153

This live, in-person meeting is hosted by the Minnesota IT Center of Excellence and ISC2 Twin Cities.

Starting in 2020, our profession had to deal with issues from the pandemic, and we faced business closures, working from home, and security issues from extensive use of VPNs, Zoom meetings, using collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, expanding defensive perimeters, and other challenges. We are planning to have a roundtable discussion about our own experiences dealing with the challenges of the pandemic. All members are encouraged to share some of the experiences we faced, and solutions we used to provide security to our organizations. We hope you can join us.

We also will be sharing this meeting on-line via Zoom.

Meeting ID

525 503 3610

Panel Members will be Cliff Richman, Bob Weiss, Scott Stone, Lisa Ulrich, and David Anderson.

We encourage our members to come prepared to share their own experiences as well.

Map and Directions

Here is an abbreviated map of the Metro State Campus.  This Metro State Map can be downloaded to print a full map

This is a view from the parking garage:

St Johns h

Hall is the building on the right.  153 is on the far end.  There are only four classrooms there.  150, 151, 153 and 154.

The parking garage is inexpensive.  There is some on street parking across 7th street.
The parking is sometimes open for free, but when not, is max $8 per day, so partial rate for a few hours.
The library across 7th street has free parking, but it is limited to two hours.
There is on street on 6ths street, and also on Maria, just past 6th street, near the Yoerg Brewing Company.

Metro link to St. John Hall: https://www.metrostate.edu/about/locations/saint-johns-hall

Link to Google map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/p9G6bPsRMjfgjSgs6



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