Earn CPEs by Contributing an Article to ISC2 Insights

One of the challenges of retaining your CISSP or other ISC2 certification is the annual CPE requirement.  For the CISSP you are required to earn 40 credit hours each year, or a total of 120 CPEs over three years.  It is pretty difficult to earn the required credits through meeting attendance only.  I received an email from Tim Donnelly Smith at ISC2 about another to earn multiple CPEs.  He email follows:

Tim wrote:  “My name is Tim, and I work with ISC2. I hope you can help me, in your role with ISC2’s Twin Cities Area Chapter?

My responsibility is to encourage ISC2 Members to write and submit articles for publication on ISC2 Insights (https://www.isc2.org/insights). You will know, I’m sure, that ISC2 Members are rewarded with CPE credits for contributed articles.

It would be most helpful if your Chapter members were reminded of this opportunity to earn CPE credits at chapter events, or simply via routine Chapter communications. Is this something you can help me with? What collateral or further information would it be helpful to receive from us, to make that simple for you?

For any article to be suitable for publication, it needs to be based around a Member’s own (personal) experiences. The full guidelines are here. “

Tim Donnelly Smith
Tim DonnellySmith (C) <[email protected]>

Omarketing Ltd on behalf of ISC2
+44 7801 755495

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