Bringing Order Out of Chaos in IT

So, you want to be a CIO? In his new book entitled “Bringing Order Out of Chaos in IT”, Greg Knight shares what some are calling a “Blueprint” for how to do the CIO role. Focusing on his experiences in transforming under-performing IT & PMO departments, he shares his two-stage strategy of “fix the engines” (creating a reliable software delivery organization) then “steer the ship” (leveraging leadership, innovation, mergers & acquisitions, modernizing legacy products, etc.) to guide a company into the future with increased revenue and influence in their industry.

Chapter subjects include:

  • What to do on day #1 of walking into a new situation
  • Emergency measures
  • Short/Medium/Long term steps
  • Defining the vision and taking people with you
  • An efficient engineering program of continual improvements
  • Using process to streamline engineering
  • Learning from mistakes
  • How to create a Technical career path for folks who don’t want to be managers
  • Etc.

Greg Knight has been an executive IT consultant & CIO/CTO for over 15 years, and his qualifications include: Chartered Engineer (PhD) in Computer Science, Chartered Information Technology Practitioner, Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Computer Science & Physics, and a Fellow of the British Computer Society.

For more information or to order the book, contact the author at [email protected].

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